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Film Production Companies in Orlando, Fl

Best known for its theme parks, golf courses, lakes and other vacation hot spots, you'd be surprised to know that film production companies in Orlando, Fl are some of the most popular in the film industry. It's true. Metro Orlando is a leading destination for film, television and commercial production.

Location, Location, Location

In the film industry, location is everything. The Metro Orlando area covers four counties, which include Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola. Also covered under the Metro Orlando area is the city of Orlando. Some of the most diverse landscapes and locations are featured within the four-county area, which expands over 4,012 miles. It's not hard to see why film production companies in Orlando, Fl have an advantage when it comes to location. Rolling hills, wild swamps, thick jungle like terrain, great pastures and crystal clear bodies of water come together to form a diverse landscape that can fit almost any film location need. Lets not forget about the state's busy urban areas, quiet suburbs or the giant estates Floridians call home.

The Sunshine State

The State of Florida and its economy depend heavily on pleasant weather year round. The climate has always been one of Florida's most important natural resources. That's why it's called the “Sunshine State.” Film production companies in Orlando, Fl take advantage of the area's long, warm summers. The winters in Florida are mild with periodic spurts of cold fronts. Coastal areas in all sections of the state average slightly warmer temperatures in winter and cooler ones in summer. These climates make the Orlando area perfect for filming all year long.

The average high temperature in metro Orlando is 83.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Just at the peak of summer, average temperatures elevate to about 94.3 degrees Fahrenheit; and in the winter, 49.2 degrees Fahrenheit is the record low average temperature.

With the ability to film year round, it's no wonder that film production companies in Orlando Fl have flourished into a nationally recognized location destination for film , television and more.

Florida Film Fast Facts

  • Film production companies in Orlando, Fl represent the digital media and entertainment production industry that account for $845.5 million in total sales .
  • More than 383 businesses in the region are engaged in the production industry. These companies employ an estimated 3,400 people.
  • Local film, digital media and entertainment production jobs often pay around double the region's average wage of $36,000/year.
  • The Metro Orlando Film and Entertainment Commission represents one of the largest filming regions in the nation.

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